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Welcome to Oakland Elementary!

Oakland will ensure the safety of all students and provide an environment conducive to learning.

Mastering Skills

Students at Oakland are supported as they master skills. 

Small Groups

Students work in large and small groups, getting individualized attention. 

Caring Teachers

Our staff works to meet every student's needs. 

Our School

Oakland will utilize English Language Learner instructional best practices and LSC designed lessons to assist EL students with language acquisition.


Reading skills are emphasized.


Students learn in many different ways, and each path is encouraged. 


Students created Valentine's Day Monsters - a chance to exercise their creativity. 

Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio gives students early exposure to high tech machinery and coding skills. 

A Happy School

Oakland is a happy school!

High-Tech Learning

Oakland students demonstrated their coding skills at the Lafayette School Board meeting. 

Music Class

Students get hands-on learning in our music class.


The Innovation Studio give students opportunities to learn all about high tech applications. 


Students work together to design and create. 


Students made cookies as gifts for our first responders.

Learning Instruments in Music

Students learn to play the ukulele in music class!

Learning is Fun

Students at Oakland feel valued. 

Children are Valued

All students at Oakland feel valued and know that they are important. 

School and District News

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