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There will only be one assignment per week. Don't worry, parents, we are keeping it simple. 
That being said, students are still required to complete the music activities as assigned. To let me know that you have done the assignment(s) each week, use the link at the bottom of the page (it can also be found in "useful links").

Week of May 11th (All Grade Levels)
If you have finished all of our lessons so far, the lesson right below is for you. Just as we have been doing, use the link below this assignment to let me know that you have completed this week's activity. 

Your assignment this week is to find an object or several in your home that you can play like a drum, create pitches on, or even craft into an instrument. Then, try to play a few beats or notes on your chosen instrument along with a song of your choice. When we use objects that are not instruments to "fill in" as instruments, these are called: 
"unconventional instruments."

Examples: Pots, pans, a coffee table, wooden spoons, cardboard boxes, tin cans, plastic bottles, tissue boxes with rubber bands on them, etc. 

Have fun with it! 

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(TO ALL PARENTS: It is perfectly fine with me to help your student fill this out, especially if they are in the younger grade levels like K-2)

If you did not complete the assignments from the past four weeks, scroll below to complete them. There will be a separate link below these assignments for you to submit your participation. 

Previous Assignments

We started to take record of completions starting the week of April 13th. For the past four weeks, I have had a menu for students to choose/cross out an activity until they had completed all four on that menu. I have listed the activities below and given you a separate link to submit participation for these assignments. 

1. Write a song about something that you did today. 

2. Ask a family 
member or someone who lives with you to share a song with you. 

3. Use the Chrome Music Lab to experiment with some music tools.

4. Create your own playlist of your favorite songs and jam out to those songs. 

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If you need to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns, you may do so via e-mail by clicking the "contact me" link on the left, or just copy my e-mail address directly:
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